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Warp knitted spacer sandwich mesh for mattress
Warp knitted spacer sandwich mesh for mattress
Warp knitted spacer sandwich mesh for mattress

Warp knitted spacer sandwich mesh for mattress

Customization Parameters of Sandwich Mesh
Material100% Polyester

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1. Good air permeability and moderate adjustment ability.
The three-dimensional mesh structure makes it known as a mesh that will breathe.Compared to other flat fabrics, the sandwich fabric is more breathable and airy, allowing the surface to be comfortable and dry.

2. Unique elastic function.
The mesh structure of the sandwich fabric has been subjected to high temperature setting in production engineering. When subjected to an external force, it can extend in the direction of the force, and when the pulling force is reduced, the mesh can be restored to its original shape.The material can maintain a certain elongation in the horizontal and vertical directions without slackening.

3. Wear-resistant.
The sandwich fabric is made from tens of thousands of synthetic fiber yarns that are refined from petroleum. Warp-knitted with knit weave, it is not only strong, it can withstand high-strength tension and tear, and it is smooth and comfortable.

4. Anti-mildew and antibacterial.
The material is anti-mildew and antibacterial, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

5. Easy to clean and dry.
The sandwich fabric can be adapted to hand wash, machine wash, dry cleaning and easy to clean. Three-layer breathable structure, easy to dry and ventilated.

6. Stylish and beautiful appearance.
The sandwich fabric is bright and soft and does not fade. It also has a three-dimensional mesh pattern, which can not only follow the fashion trend, but also maintain a certain classic style.

Why Choose Us?


As a direct manufacturer of mesh fabrics, Gang Hang is able to control all aspects of our production. This means better quality control, consistent dye lots, re-orderability and a large inventory.


Gang Hang has specialized in the manufacturing of warp knitted mesh fabrics for over 30 years. We offer a broad selection of standard textiles and custom-tailored fabric solutions for customers around the world with specific or unique needs.


Gang Hang provides extremely competitive pricing on its fabrics while also catering to customers of all sizes. Whether you're looking to purchase fabrics for a production run or simply looking for a few yards, we handle orders of all sizes.

Packaging & Delivery Time

1) 100 yards/roll, a plastic bag and a woven bag/roll
2) customized packaging

Delivery Time:
1) In stock: within 2 days
2) Customized: 7-10 days for producing, 2-3 days for delivering




Express & Payment



1. Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are a manufacturer found in 1993, specialized in producing mesh fabrics. So we have the competitive wholesale price.

2. Q: Where is your factory located?
A: Located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China. About 1.5 hours' drive from Shanghai. Welcome to visit us!

3. Q: Can I get samples?
A: Yes, we can send you free swatches in A4 size. If you want a larger size, please contact us and we will offer you a best price.

A: Even one meter/ yard is acceptable if there are fabrics in stock. Usually our MOQ will be 200kg per color if there are no finished fabrics in stock because it's more cost-optimal. Certainly we accept smaller quantity orders but it will take extra cost such as minibulk cost(dyeing surcharge)(<100kg).

5. Q: How long for making color dips?
A: Please offer panton colors number or send us a sample, and we will send you the color lab dips in 5 days.

6. Q: What is your lead time?
A: With greige, it will take within one week. Without greige, it will take within two weeks. If you need very large quantity, it will take us more days. Generally, we will tell you the specific delivery time as soon as you place an order.

7. Q: If I don't know the specifications of the fabric, how can I get the offer?
A: Don't worry. You can send the sample to us, and our professional technicians will analyze the detailed specifications of the fabric. Then we will make offers for you.
Even if you don't have the sample, you can give us more ideas of what you need. We will choose a suitable item and make offers for you.

8. Q:How do you guarantee the quality?
A: 1).All the materials will be inspected by IQC (Incoming Quality Control) before launching into the process.
2). IPQC (Input Process Quality Control) are performed by patrol inspection at every producing process.
3). After finished, a complete QA and QC of the products will be performed.


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