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Gang Hang Spring Festival Party

Time : 2022-01-24 Hits : 5

On 22nd, January, Gang Hang treated all the employees to a Spring Festival party to reward them for their hard work of the Year 2021 and celebrate the start of the new year 2022.


Due to the impact of the epidemic, the gathering took place at Gang Hang canteen. The chairman made a speech of the review and affirmation of 2021, and his expectation and encouragement for 2022 before the banquet began. Then, the general manager presented certificates and bonuses to the Best Employee and the Best Team. Besides, every employee and other attendants got a red packet from the company too.


During the party, there were some wonderful performances by the employees. Everyone relaxed and had fun as well as strengthened friendship and shared the happiness.


Wish each of the employees and clients a successful career and a happy family. Wish Gang Hang a more splendid future in the new year.


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