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The mesh fabric can be used for luggage lining, separator and storage. It's light, air permeable and resilient to put more things.


Applications for Knitted Mesh Fabrics
Mesh fabrics are used broadly for varying purposes. The following industries rely on mesh fabrics:

Mesh fabrics are used to create products for activities such as sports, camping, hunting and fishing, and more. Examples of products and industries that incorporate this material include:
● Golf simulator/impact screens and nets
● Aquaculture
● Tents and camping supplies
● Pool/spa nets and filters
● Protective sports netting (baseball, hockey, lacrosse, golf)

Occupational Safety
Polyester and nylon mesh fabrics have broad applications for safety equipment. Examples of safety equipment made from mesh fabrics include:
● Safety flags
● High-visibility safety vests
● Cut-resistant safety garments

Aeronautics, Automotive, Marine
Air, land, and water vehicles all rely on mesh fabrics for a range of purposes. Many of these applications require a material that can resist moisture, heat, sunlight, salt, or chemicals. Polyester and nylon mesh fabrics are found in equipment such as:
● Seat-mounted literature pockets
● Seat support/substrates
● Safety harnesses
● Cargo nets
● Tarps
● Aviation curtains

The inherent antimicrobial properties in some of polyester fabrics facilitate the usage of mesh fabrics in a broad spectrum of medical products. Some examples include:
● Slings/patient lift systems
● Mesh curtains
● IV bag support mesh
● Orthopedic braces
Gang Hang also has proprietary water repellent finishes available for medical equipment that will come in contact with exposed patient skin.

Filtration and Substrates
These fabrics are often useful in laminating and coating processes. Gang Hang offers fabrics specifically designed for this purpose ranging from 1.5 – 15 ounces per square yard. In a similar vein, we offer a full range of screen filters.

The term “industrial” covers mesh fabric products used in applications ranging from transportation to cleaning. Examples include:
● Mops and squeegees
● Tarps
● Bags
● Conduit sleeves
● Industrial filtration

Quality Mesh Fabrics from Gang Hang
Gang Hang has been providing industrial strength knitted mesh fabrics for more than 20 years. We support industries ranging from manufacturing to sporting goods and everything in between. If one of our stock fabrics doesn’t work for you, we’ll gladly research and design a mesh specifically for your application.
For more information on our mesh fabrics or our capabilities, please contact us.

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